Why Problem-Solving Isn’t Enough

Eliminating bad leaves you bereft of good.

The “NO” life isn’t leaderly.

You can’t get where you want to go by NOT doing things. It’s true that NO is part of leadership, but success requires YES.

Avoiding stupidity is half the journey, but success requires skillful action.

Achievement requires more than problem-solving. Problems happened in the past. Problem-solving is a backward-looking activity.

A team that only solves problems is stuck in the past.

Yes, problems need solutions, but successful leaders seize opportunities. You can’t create the future while focused on the past.

A leader that eliminates bad hasn’t produced good.

It doesn’t matter how many weeds you pull if you haven’t planted seeds.

It’s important to stop negative behaviors, but successful leadership requires positive action. The NO-LIFE falls short of successful leadership.

How are you saying yes?

You might stop yelling at people, but success requires affirmation. You might stop tearing down, but success requires building up. You might stop interrupting but listening calls for curiosity.

Don’t brag about things you aren’t doing. The issue is the goals and skills you’re pursuing.

Don’t simply explain what you’re against. Declare what you’re for.

If you can get there by NOT doing things you aren’t going far.

How are you replacing bad with good?