5 Surefire Ways to Make Today Better than Yesterday

You will never enjoy work until you stop blaming others for your dissatisfaction.

5 surefire ways to make today better than yesterday:

#1. Honor the power of words.

One negative interaction erases many positive.

Notice something good about a team member. But don’t erase the good by mentioning the bad in the same interaction.

“You’re doing really great at XYZ, but you suck at ABC,” only serves to erase an affirmation.

People enjoy encouragement more than correction.

  1. Gratitude is a celebration of something that’s working.
  2. Persistent criticism drains enthusiasm.
  3. Complaints produce resistance more than positive change.
  4. Connect feedback to aspiration. Know what people want for themselves so you can give useful feedback.

Words are rudders.

#2. Embrace the importance of being seen.

One team member told a leader I coach that he could be more available.

Distance is interpreted as disapproval. Disconnection is seen as arrogance.

  1. Walk around smiling.
  2. Ask a question and listen.
  3. Be present when you’re present – no fidgeting, cell phones, or interrupting.

#3. Eliminate one useless activity.

If your schedule is full and you’re dissatisfied with your day, you’re doing too many dissatisfying things.

Do a few more things you love and a few less things you hate.

You have two options if you don’t enjoy what you do. Change your attitude or change what you do.

#4. Practice brief disengagements.

Mindless activity blocks fulfillment. Rushing from one thing to the next might feel important, but eventually frustration sets in.

Disengage from the last thing before you engage in the next thing.

  1. Mentally check something off your list.
  2. Breathe deeply for one minute.
  3. Take a short walk.
  4. Send a thank-you email.

#5. Look forward.

It’s better to be pulled toward the future than to run from the past.

How does today’s work create your preferred future?

What might make today better than yesterday?

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