How to Work From Home and Not go Crazy

Fatigue from radical change and constant stress hits you after a week or two of working from home.

It’s time to set boundaries and establish rhythms.

#1. Establish rhythms and routines.

Know what you’re going to do every morning, for example.

Know and leverage your body’s rhythms. I’m at my best in the morning. I also have a couple really great hours after dinner.

I get up early and write hard. Usually by 7 a.m. I’ve finished a post. It’s time to stretch.

Breakfast is usually at 8 a.m. (But sometimes it’s a little later.)

Typically lunch is at 11:30 or noon. That’s when we turn on the television for a while.

Predictable rhythms enable performance.

How might you align your work schedule with your body’s rhythm?

#2. Take breaks.

I need to get back in the habit of taking short walks. I promise that you will be more productive if you don’t work every minute of the day.

#3. Create boundaries.

I’ve had a home office for years. Boundaries are the toughest thing to manage. You either work too long or Netflix steals your time.

Turn off your laptop at night. I confess that my laptop is almost always nearby and open. Try not to do that.

Disconnect from technology if you want to maintain peak performance.

It’s impossible to be always-on and thrive.

#4. Control your environment.

I’m the kid who is easily distracted. Thankfully, my home office is quiet. Often I completely block the light from my office windows.

You might try headphones if outside noise bothers you.

Control as much of your environment as you can.

What are you learning about working from home?