5 Powerful Amplifiers of Influence

The channel of compliance is power. The channel of influence is relationship.

The people around us seep into our lives.

I asked people to finish a sentence like, “My mom is reflected in my life when I ….” Some told me they hadn’t realized how much their mom’s influence was reflected in their life.

Influence is influence:

Influence happens when your example shows up in someone. It might be helpful or harmful.

Maybe your mom’s kindness shows up in your life. But what if your mom was cruel? She may show up as cruelty in your life. Or you may be filled with compassion because you understand pain.

Five amplifiers of influence:

#1. Relationship.

Long-term relationships seep into your bones, for good or harm. You never fully escape an abusive relationship, for example.

Personal relationship magnifies influence.

#2. Expertise.

Influence isn’t what you say; it’s what you skillfully do.

Competence amplifies influence. If you aspire to leadership, get really good at something.

#3. Consistency.

The things you occasionally do have less influence than daily practices.

#4. Credibility.

A promise not kept is influence lost.

Respect supercharges influence.

#5. Good will.

Generosity amplifies influence. Manipulation obstructs influence.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” This formula is true to the degree that helping others is sincere.

The more you’re in it for others, the more influence you earn.

Joy and power:

Positive influence fills others with joy. They’re delighted when you say, “You’re like your mom.”

Coercion and compliance invite resistance and resentment. Prolonged compliance makes people feel weak.

Positive influence, in the end, makes people feel powerful.

How might leaders amplify their influence?

What weakens a leader’s influence?

Short video messages: My mom is reflected in my life (2:02)