7 Advantages of Uncertainty That Leaders Maximize Everyday

You wouldn’t choose uncertainty, but the Rolling Stones were right. You can’t always get what you want.

Successful leaders find advantage in uncertainty.

Rocky beach

Glance at the goal. Concentrate on the next step.

7 advantages of uncertainty:

#1. Develops character.

Uncertainty is opportunity to become your aspirational self.

#2. Sifts priorities.

Uncertainty exposes what truly matters.

#3. Provides rich context for gratitude.

Gratitude is noticing and acknowledging benefit or advantage.

Gratitude matters most when it’s uncomfortable. Gratitude ‘for’ benefits or advantages is easy and fun.

Finding advantage or benefit ‘in’ uncertainty tests values and requires intelligence.

What advantage hides in current uncertainties?

#4. Disrupts assumptions.

When assumptions dissolve, thinking begins.

#5. Presents opportunity for humility.

Certainty invites arrogance and arrogance makes us intolerable. Humility opens hearts and minds.

#6. Provides a reality check.

Acceptance precedes solution. You never solve a challenge you ignore. But solving an illusion squanders talent and resources.

Accept reality as it is, not as you wish it to be.

#7. Creates intense focus on the next step.

Uncertainty is opportunity to glance at distant goals and concentrate on next steps.

It was dry in Central Pennsylvania this summer. The river in World’s End State Park was unusually low. We walked the rocky riverbed to get close to the water.

It’s easier to walk fast if you keep your head down.

Glance at the goal. Concentrate on the next step.

Walking slow on unstable footing is harder than walking quickly. You take a step. Find your balance and find the next step. Walking quickly is easier.

Find a way to quickly take the next small step.

Don’t focus on your destination when the terrain is unstable.

Locate footing for the next step WHILE taking this step.

Balance is found AS you move forward.

Glance up occasionally to adjust direction. But maintain focus on the next step.

What dangers do you see in uncertainty?

What advantages do you see in uncertainty?

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