What is the Easiest Way to Shift Trajectory Today

Ingratitude is a bag of rocks that weakens knees and slows progress.

Ingratitude is fatigue. Gratitude is opportunity.

Gratitude turns a new day into a beginning.

Rock Climbing.

Gratitude invites you to climb and throws a rope.


Gratitude fuels upward trajectory.

Gratitude invites you to climb and throws a rope. Ingratitude pulls you down and spits in your face.

Everyone is always going somewhere. If you’re running in circles, you’re spiraling downward. If you’re stuck, you’re sinking.

All decisions, attitudes, interactions, and reflections produce trajectory.

Blindness and ignorance choose ingratitude with it’s corrosive trajectory.

Ingratitude binds you to failure, hobbles you with fear, fills you with envy, and condemns you to miserable repetition.

Only a fool knowingly chooses ingratitude with its destructive stench.

Gratitude enables forward movement by revealing opportunity.

Ingratitude narrows perspective and drains hope. When you choose gratitude, you experience freedom.


The practice of gratitude is leadership’s great shift.

Apart from gratitude, problems, dissatisfaction, and drive end in three emotions – disappointment, frustration, and discouragement.

Gratitude shifts perspective from:

  1. Don’t have to have.
  2. Past to present.
  3. Can’t to might.
  4. Narrow to wide.
  5. Lack to generosity.
  6. Burden to energy.
  7. Complaint to enjoyment. (Yes, it’s possible to face challenges with joy.)
  8. Problem to opportunity.
  9. Pain to potential.
  10. Obligation to freedom.

Ingratitude whispers about lack and laughs when you try something new.

Gratitude reminds you of benefit, advantage, opportunity, and potential.

Easy is effective:

Last November gratitude became a burden. I committed to record five things a day in a gratitude journal. That’s too many for me.

This November I’m writing down one thing I’m grateful for – just one.

One item a day on my gratitude list kickstarts a shift in perspective.

High achievers can reflect on WHY they’re grateful for their ‘one thing’.

What one thing might you record on your gratitude list today?

My gratitude list for today says, “I’m thankful that a new day is a new beginning.” Why? Because I see a need for improvement everywhere I look. I need to repeatedly begin again. If I can’t begin again, I can’t improve.

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