4 Years Ago Today: How Any Leader Can Kickstart and Land A Powerful Conversation

This post was originally published 4 years ago today. (11-22-2016)

You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty.


10 questions to kickstart powerful conversations:

  1. What would make this conversation a success for you today?
  2. What’s giving you the most energy these days? What does that say about you?
  3. What’s on your mind?
  4. What are you learning?
  5. What crossroads are you at today?
  6. What would you like to get out of this conversation?
  7. How would you like to move the ball forward today?
  8. Would you like me to listen, coach, or advise you today? (Thanks Bob Hancox.)
  9. Where do you feel you are wasting energy?
  10. How have you succeeded since our last conversation?

My two favorites are: What’s on your mind? What would you like to get out of this conversation?

10 questions to land powerful conversations:

The way you land a conversation solidifies it’s value.

  1. If I saw you moving forward as a result of our conversation, what would I see you doing differently? (If you want different results, you must choose different behaviors.)
  2. What’s shifting in your thinking? Follow this with, what’s important to you about that?
  3. Who might join you as you move forward? Encourage people to share their goals with others.
  4. What would you like me to ask you next time? (Personal favorite.)
  5. What was useful today?
  6. What seems clearer for you today?
  7. What do you plan to do between now and our next conversation? When? How?
  8. What does success look like as you move forward?
  9. What worked best for you during our conversation?
  10. What do you need to stop doing?

5 results of powerful conversations:

  1. Connection.
  2. Self-discovery.
  3. Clarity.
  4. Forward movement.
  5. Accountability.

What if the power of transformation is ignited in questions, not statements?

Which questions for kickstarting and landing powerful conversations do you like best? Why?