You Want to Contribute – What Really Holds You Back

Start and finish line.

Starting is essential. But finishing is success.

What really holds you back:

#1. Unfocused intention.

Leaders rise to the level of their focus.

Intending something to happen doesn’t make it happen.

Making a difference in the world is an intention that requires specificity.

It’s normal to intend to make a difference. It’s exceptional to actually make a small difference for someone today.

How might you take action on your good intentions today?

#2. Unfinished action.

I tell audiences I have the attention span of a squirrel on steroids. Perhaps you’re always chasing the next shiny object.

If you’re like me, finish something today!

The ability to finish takes you further than the ability to start.

Starting is essential. But finishing is success.

What might you finish today?

#3. Unrealistic expectation.

Don’t create unrealistic expectations by presenting yourself as the savior-leader on a white horse.

Magic fairy dust isn’t real. And tough challenges DON’T have easy answers.

Occasionally we experience dramatic breakthroughs. Don’t expect them! Tough challenges and nagging issues are seldom solved with magic fairy dust.

Lower expectations if you’re stuck.

Your best and only option for progress is to learn and adapt as you go.

  1. Define the challenge in a sentence or two.
  2. Create three behavior-based solutions.
  3. Choose one solution. What will you do to move the ball forward?
  4. Evaluate results.
  5. Adapt and take the next step.

Tip: If you’re uncertain about the next step, do something that won’t cause harm.

I wonder if we chase trivialities because it gives the illusion that we’re important.

#4. Unchallenged assumptions.

Your wheels are spinning because you believe you’re doing the right thing but you’re wrong. It’s time to challenge assumptions.

You hold to wrong assumptions when:

  1. Pedaling harder is the answer.
  2. Your solution is THE solution.
  3. Your interpretation of the situation is THE interpretation.

Who might provide new insights or perspective?

What really holds leaders back from their best contribution?

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