It’s Over – Now What

I heard people say they couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over. Sometimes I felt the same way. But it’s pathetic.

2020 is over. Things that were true last year are still true today. Are you going to plug your ears and cover your eyes until 2021 passes?

Now is your moment.

We miss opportunities for personal growth, acts of service, and relationship development when we wait for storms to pass with a thumb in our mouth.

Leadership is most relevant in turbulence.

Toddler in hat.

Leaders who blame others for the quality of their leadership are big people in baby diapers.

Now what:

Peter Drucker said, “You cannot predict the future, but you can create it.”

Act now if you hope to influence the future.

#1. Turbulence is inevitable.

Instability drags on. In fact, you always face unpredictability and volatility.

Don’t stick your thumb in your mouth every time the wind howls and lightening crashes. Rise to challenges with confidence and optimism.

Aim to make something better.

You may not solve everything, but you can solve something.

#2. Your leadership reflects you.

Leaders who blame others/circumstances for the quality of their leadership are big people in baby diapers.

“You become an adult the moment you take responsibility for your life.” Brian Tracy

You’re doomed to stagnation, frustration, and excuse-making when you blame your actions on circumstances or people.

Successful leaders live in and beyond circumstances.

“The best way to improve the team is to improve myself.” Coach John Wooden

#3. Attend to things you control.

2020 reminds control freaks that we don’t control everything.

Control freaks tell everyone they aren’t good enough.*

7 things you control:

  1. Responses to emotion.
  2. Responses to memories.
  3. Responses to events.
  4. Responses to people.
  5. Actions toward goals.
  6. Where you focus attention.
  7. Your attitude toward yourself, others, and life.

You do well to let go of things you can’t control.

You never flourish if all you do is wait for something to be over.

What do you suggest now that 2020 is over?

*Inspired by Christine Carter.

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