The Power of Showing Up – Choose How You Show Up or Someone Else Will

I spent too much time feeling like a puppet with someone’s hand shoved up my back. I blame myself.

Where is the power to choose how YOU show up?


The gap between joy and obligation is frustration.

When you let others choose how you show up:

  1. Everything is ‘have to’ when contribution feels like coercion.
  2. Anger, ingratitude, and resentment pollute your thinking because you don’t feel seen or respected.
  3. Positive focus turns to negative energy.
  4. Others become enemies.
  5. Connection becomes dangerous.
  6. Winning is the goal. No one loves to connect with you if it means you win and they lose.
  7. Fear controls your approach. Self-protection disguises your authentic self.

Belligerent authenticity:

Belligerent authenticity is reacting against the expectation of others. Every time you push against external expectations – external expectations control you.

Most alive:

How do you love showing up?

You are most alive when you bring your best self in service to others.

I had a conversation with a leader who comes alive when talking about being a Scout Master.

  • What is it about being a Scout Master that brings him to life?
  • How might he bring those values and qualities to work?

The gap between joy and obligation is frustration.

The choice:

Every morning tasks and responsibilities thrash and scream for your attention. Your heart races while you look in the mirror. You’ve already lost yourself.

A bit of your soul shrivels when you give yourself to tasks before choosing how you show up.

Begin your day slowly.

Choose how you show up BEFORE getting lost in obligations and tasks.

How would your best self love to show up?

  1. Curious.
  2. Forward-looking instead of problem centric.
  3. Thankful.
  4. Committed to connect.
  5. Eager to contribute.
  6. Enabling others.
  7. Calm and focused.

If you chose how you showed up today, what would you choose?

How might leaders begin the day slowly?

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