Women in Business Choose How You Show-Up

Choose how you show up, before you show-up, or you’ll end up pushed around by strong people and stressful situations.


Before your next important meeting or conversation, spend a few minutes planning how you want to show-up. (Advice from Joan Kuhl, author of, “Dig Your Heels In.”)

Choose how you show-up:

#1. Know yourself before you show up.

  1. What do you value that makes you proud?
  2. Believe that you can change and develop skills.

#2. Identify three attributes that make you feel solid.

“Think about the three attributes that really make you feel solid.” Joan Kuhl

Curiosity, noticing people’s energy, and pressing into the future make me feel solid.

  1. What makes you feel solid?
  2. How might your favorite three attributes serve your team?

“A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all.” Peter Drucker

#3. Seek feedback.

Feedback helps you bridge the gap between intention and impact. No one intends to show-up looking weak, passive, incompetent, or insecure.

  1. Identify trusted colleagues that know you and understand your goals.
  2. Seek feedback before you go public. Explain what you intend to do to reach your goals. Pre-performance feedback saves unnecessary disappointment.
  3. Before seeking feedback, declare an intention. You might say, “I intended to show up with confidence.”
    1. What did I do that demonstrated my intention?
    2. What did I do that hindered my intention?
  4. Seek feedback on the three attributes that make you feel solid.

Tip: Declare an intention before you seek feedback so you won’t look needy. “I intended to show-up with curiosity,” is better than asking, “How am I doing?”

What are the best ways for women in business to show-up?

How might you choose to show-up before you get pushed around?

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