Blame: It’s E. B. White’s Fault

I slept late this morning. I slept late partly because my friend is vacationing in St. Martin. I slept late partly because our granddaughters started school and I didn’t. But mostly, E.B. White kept me awake in the night.

I listen to books when I wake in the night to protect my brain from its own thoughts. Last night I listened to the “Essays of White.” “The Eye of Edna” led me to “Coon Tree”. Before I knew it, two hours passed.

If I’m grumpy today, it’s E. B. White’s fault. And that is the problem.

Image of E. B. White.

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."

Blaming E. B. White is more comfortable than being responsible for myself. If White doesn’t keep my eyes open, I blame other things.

When I stay up late watching TV, I blame television when I’m grumpy. Blue light from TV keeps me awake. What a relief!

Caffeine keeps me awake. But I’m addicted to coffee, so I blame the dark roast my wife grinds in the morning. Ah! It’s the woman’s fault I’m grumpy.

I’ve heard alcohol keeps drinkers awake. Thankfully, that’s not a problem. I bought a case of Yuengling Lager in July. I have 15 bottles left at the beginning of September. My wife used two bottles in pulled-pork. But eating pulled-pork at night keeps me awake. Thankfully, it’s the woman again.

Blame is comfort when I reject responsibility.

Blame is unloading responsibility on someone or something else.

When relationships go sour, I think of THEIR broken responsibilities, not mine. When things don’t get done, I have a million ‘good’ excuses why they didn’t.

Blame is the death of leadership. Incompetent followers are excuses instead of opportunities. Rather than innovation, poor results inspire self-justification. And that is the problem.

What prevents people from taking responsibility?

How will you take responsibility today?