How to Transform Distraction into Achievement

Distraction is natural. Achievement is intentional.

My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Goodwin, wrote on my report card. “Danny has to know everything that’s going on around him.” Distraction has been my saboteur for a long time. If you concentrate on one thing, what delights might you miss?

The world is filled with a thousand pleasant nothings. In reality they are dreadful distractions that dilute achievement.

Image of a delicious ice cream cone.

Don't put ice cream in the freezer if you're trying to lose weight.

How to Transform Distraction into Achievement:

#1. Decide what’s important.

You must know what’s important to live meaningfully. Don’t let others decide what’s important for you.

People who don’t know what’s important chase distraction.

Focus begins with:

  1. Knowing your mission. Choose how to show up based on your mission, not urgencies. Everyone who chases urgencies neglects meaningful work.
  2. Knowing your strengths. You do one or two things well. Spend as much time as possible doing those things.
  3. Knowing the behaviors that contribute to achievement.
  4. Knowing your daily goals. Write down one or two things you must accomplish today. No more.

#2. Eliminate options.

Don’t put ice cream in the freezer if you’re trying to lose weight.

Eliminate temptations and distractions if you want to focus. Tim Ferriss said, “What you don’t do determines what you can do.”

Choose things to ignore if you want to create focus.

I had to change the homepage on my browser. My new computer was set to go to a Microsoft page that looked like this:

Image of a homepage filled with clickbait.

Old homepage.

I can’t resist clickbait! I click it and 15 minutes later, I forget what I’m searching for in the first place. The age of distraction is created by people who compete for your attention. They serve themselves, not you.

I changed my browser’s homepage to an uncluttered page. I’m not endorsing Google. But the page isn’t a distraction.

Image of Google search page.

What suggestions do you have for distraction addicts?

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