10 Ways to Enjoy Work Now

You spend much of life working. Enjoy work so you can enjoy life.

Enjoy work or hate life.

Enjoy work or hate life. Image of a person facing the sunrise with open arms.

10 ways to enjoy work:

#1. Don’t work.

One of the best ways to enjoy work is to turn off, shut down, and unplug.

You need new work if you dread work after taking time off.

Fatigue gnaws at potential and corrodes resolve. Image of a person with a bag over their head.

#2. Respect energy.

  1. Do hard work when you’re at your best.
  2. Minimize energy drains.
  3. Fill your own tank.
Joyful hard work - apart from rest - becomes overwork. Image of a bewildered person in water.

#3. Notice contribution.

What contributions most excite you? Find ways to do more of that.

#4. Enjoy people.

Make of list of your own quirks, frailties, and weaknesses. Everyone is imperfect, even you.

  1. Accept people’s quirks and frailties.
  2. Respect positive traits. Honor how they contribute.
  3. Stop fixing.
  4. Know the three top strengths of everyone on the team.

Retrain, reassign, or remove people who don’t contribute.

#5. Establish rituals.

Healthy doses of turbulence and instability add excitement. Rituals add predictability and stability.

  1. Start the day slowly.
  2. Choose how you show up.
  3. Create a gratitude journal.

#6. Break rituals.

Rituals get boring. Break boring rituals and establish new ones.

#7. Discover why.

Things you don’t like are less painful when they serve a higher purpose.

  1. How have painful experiences formed your desire to make a difference?
  2. How are people’s lives better because of your contribution?
  3. What contributions energize you?

#8. Choose models.

Notice how you currently imitate others. My dad taught me how to love my wife by loving mom. But he worked too hard.

  1. Jettison negative imitation; embrace positive.
  2. Find yourself by intentionally imitating people you admire.

You hate work when fake-it-till-you-make-it dominates your day.

#9. Develop yourself.

Seek advisers, mentors, and coaches.

Everyone needs support from someone who doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

#10. Respect yourself.

Do more of what matters to you.

Which way to enjoy work speaks to you?

What might you add to the above list?