7 Lessons from the Naïve Leader

One day a naïve leader decided to explore the desert. He was smart enough to know he needed water and clothing for protection from the sun. But he didn’t understand all the dangers in the desert.

At the edge of the desert, he was surprised to meet a poisonous snake. But he was excited and didn’t know the snake was deadly.

A naive leader feels excitement when caution is needed. Image of a cobra.

The deception:

The snake, with sly reserve, asked, “Where are you going my friend?”

“I’m off to explore the desert,” replied the naïve leader.

“Oh my,” the snake said with mock concern. “Do you know poisonous snakes live in the desert?”

The naïve leader gasped, “I have never seen a poisonous snake. What do they look like?”

The sly snake said, “Look for an animal with four legs, a bushy tail and two black beady eyes. They pretend to be friendly and helpful, but they’re deadly.”

The surprise:

He thanked the sly snake and turned with confidence toward his adventure. But when he turned, the sly snake bit him on his hind end and he died.

7 lessons from the naïve leader who died:

  1. What you don’t know can bite you in the butt.
  2. A naïve leader feels excitement when caution is needed.
  3. Inexperience doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.
  4. Seek advice from several sources.
  5. The person who seems to help might be waiting for you to turn your back.
  6. Passion adds danger to naiveté.
  7. You are never fully prepared for a journey you haven’t taken before. Life is that journey.

What lessons do you see in the story of?

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