5 Secrets to Working Relationships

I love the feeling of being seen and recognized when I show up at any place of business.

We frequent the local Rita’s Italian Ice which is run by a couple from India. Her English is passable. He smiles and nods a lot. But they both give us a look of recognition when we walk up to the window. It feels like they’re glad to see us.

They remember that we like long-handled spoons. Short-handled plastic spoons are monstrosities.

I like people who like me.

Build working relationships by liking people.

Strong working relationships begin with noticing people. Image of eyes looking out through OK signs made with finders.

5 secrets to working relationships:

#1. Notice others:

Strong working relationships begin with noticing people.

I ask the owners of Rita’s about business and personal things. For example, I ask them what they do when the store closes for the winter. By the way, she works at Walmart.

#2. Notice things that matter to others:

I notice the weather. When it’s warm and sunny, I say, “Business is going to be good today!”

Compliment good work. We recently had landscaping done. I walked around complimenting good work.

Compliment good work, even when you’re paying for it.

I like people who like me. Image of two monkeys that like each other.

#3. Be playful:

At Rita’s I compliment the owner’s summer shorts and give him a thumbs up.

#4. Be glad to see others.

When you’re glad to see others, it’s easier for them to feel happy to see you.

I often begin coaching calls by saying, “I’ve been looking forward to our conversation.” Or “It’s good to see you.”

Be genuine. Before coaching calls, I think about things I respect about the person I’m speaking with.

#5. Give what you enjoy receiving.

I enjoy feeling special.

What you give to others often returns to you. When you make people feel special, they are more likely to treat you special.

How do leaders build strong working relationships?