4 Things I Learned after 2 Weeks Vacation in Maine

Some vacations are about doing stuff but the best vacations don’t have agendas. When you need a vacation to recover from vacation, you did it wrong.

Our plan was to live without a plan for two weeks.

The best vacations don't have agendas. Image of two empty chairs on the beach in Maine.
Our favorite reading spot while on vacation in Maine.

My bride and I have two homes. Our home is Pennsylvania and we grew up in Maine. We just returned from two weeks back home in Maine, most of it spent in a small town 35 miles south of Canada, Machiasport. (Our real home is Central Maine, but the coast has the best seafood in the world.)

You could throw a rock into the Atlantic from our vacation rental and it was secluded. We saw two people on the beach the whole time we were there. The word ‘beach’ is misleading for the coast of Northern Maine. You wouldn’t dream of swimming unless you had a layer of blubber. Occasional patches of sand pretend to be beaches.

4 things I learned after 2 weeks vacation in Maine:

#1. Books inspire. Cable news contaminates you.

We didn’t see the news for two weeks.

I read Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung. He was brilliant, even if you don’t agree with everything he believed.

Cable news at night is idiotic.

Rituals provide stability in turbulence. Image of choppy waves near shore.

#2. Ted Lasso is as good as my friends said.

We don’t have Apple TV at home but our vacation rental did. In the evenings we binged two seasons of Ted Lasso. Talk about a lift.

#3. The world doesn’t need me.

Everything kept turning without me. That’s freeing, not depressing. Brevity and frailty add value to every breath.

#4. Rituals and routines are good.

Living without an agenda is good for awhile but rituals and routines tell us who we are and where we’re going. Useful routines are channels of reliable contribution. Rituals provide stability in turbulence.

Useful routines are channels of reliable contribution. Image of Maine coast.

What have you remembered after time away on vacation?