Time Management: 7 Golden Rules for Golden Hours

We need reminders that everything we hope to do requires time and energy. Time management is the power to manage your schedule and your energy.

You have two or three golden hours every day. You get more done in your golden hours than you get done the rest of the day.

Do priority work when you’re at your best.

I can get lots done other times of the day, but my best hours are before breakfast.

Time management tip: Fools spend time on busywork. Image of a person multitasking.

Time management: 7 golden rules for golden hours

#1. Do impactful work.

Do big-rock work during your golden hours.

Fools spend time on busywork. If it’s not useful and meaningful, don’t do it. Better to check off one high-impact task a day than to spend one hour doing busywork.

#2. Organize before.

Choose peak-hour tasks before peak-time begins. Don’t waste peak performance time figuring out what to do.

#3. Narrow focus.

  1. Multitasking makes you stupid.
  2. Close your door.
  3. Don’t surf the Internet.
  4. Return calls later.
  5. Turn off email.
Time management isn't about time. It's about you. Image of a person with a clock for a head.

#4. Use maximizers.

Does classic rock fuel your jets? Turn up the volume.

I prefer a dark quiet room during my golden hours.

Live your priorities. By the time a BIG ROCK gets noisy, you've neglected it too lone. Image of a big rock.

#5. Make time management social.

Everyone on the team needs to know and respect everyone’s golden-hour-time. Hang a do not disturb sign on your door.

Give everyone on your team permission to maximize golden hours.

#6. Schedule playtime.

Playfulness expresses our humanity. “Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays.” Friedrich Schiller

Surf the Internet when you feel like taking a nap, not when you’re bright eyed.

#7. Delete stuff.

Delete anything that’s older than two weeks from your to-do list.

How might leaders take time management to new levels?

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