Believe in People: The Vitality of Authentic Leadership

You’re a drummer without a band – annoying – until you believe in people.

Humanity is essential to…

  1. Communicate effectively.
  2. Solve problems optimistically.
  3. Delegate thoughtfully – in ways suitable to an individual’s talents and aspirations.
  4. Hold yourself and others to commitments consistently.
  5. Seek and give feedback constructively.
  6. Inspire vision expectantly.
  7. Challenge people and processes courageously.

Leaders infuse vitality into stale leadership skills when they believe in people.

Let me tell you a story about the best gift I ever received. It was December 25, 2022.

Leaders infuse vitality into stale leadership when they believe in people. Image of curious sheep.

The best gift ever:

I love E.B. White’s writing, so I was delighted to receive several of his books for Christmas last year. My wife also gave me Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark and some moleskin journals.

I love everything about my gifts. I love the words on the pages. I love smelling the paper and filling the pages in my journals. But no one saw the best gift that day except me.

The best gift ever is knowing my wife believes I might actually be a writer.

When you believe in people you help them believe in themselves.

Symptoms you don’t believe in people:

  1. Lack of trust.
  2. Micromanaging.
  3. Doing everything yourself.
  4. Finding excuses to lower the bar.
  5. Blaming and backstabbing.
  6. Fear of innovation.
  7. High turnover.

Help people believe in themselves:

When we lack self-belief, we manufacture dragons that prolong pain. We don’t dare grow and change. Instead, we cling to discomforting realities like an abused woman afraid to leave her abuser.

When you believe in people you:

  1. Energize the heart.
  2. Elevate compliance to engagement.
  3. Activate courage. And everything meaningful requires courage.
  4. Enable endurance.
  5. Infuse satisfaction into life.


What do you believe about the people on your team?

Can you say…

  1. “I’m counting on you.”
  2. “You’re the person for this job.”
  3. “I believe in you.”

Belief transforms people.

How might leaders infuse people with belief?

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