3 Essential Culture Rules all Leaders must Apply

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3 essential culture rules for high performance culture: aspire, amplify, and adapt. Image a of bright sunrise.

Every organization has a culture – either by design or default. 

Our team just completed a global research project which included more than 6,000 participants – leaders and front-line employees. When we asked the leaders about the importance of culture, 72% of US leaders said culture was the most important tool at their disposal to drive performance (globally the number was 67%).

Unfortunately, when ranking their priorities, creating and maintaining culture didn’t crack the top ten for these leaders.

Motivated by this jarring reality, we set out to demystify and simplify this idea of culture, while at the same time making it approachable and actionable by leaders around the globe. We discovered three essential Culture Rules for creating a High Performance Culture. 

3 essential culture rules:

Rule #1 Aspire:

Leaders must share their hopes and dreams for their culture. 

What are your hopes and dreams for your culture? Can you share them in a way that is clear, simple, and repeatable?

Rule #2 Amplify:

Ensure your cultural aspiration is reinforced continually.

There are countless ways to reinforce the cultural aspiration. Here’s where to begin – Start with your own actions. People always watch the leader. What are your people learning from watching you?

Rule #3 Adapt:

Always work to enhance the culture.

What enhancements could you make to your culture? Sometimes these enhancements will be targeted at eliminating toxins. In other instances, they will be focused on leveraging existing strengths or adding new capabilities. In any case, leaders must always work to enhance the culture.

How strong is your culture? Do people find it life-giving and performance enhancing or is it soul-crushing? No culture drifts to greatness… it must be led there.

Culture Rules!

Mark Miller discusses three rules for high performance cultures: aspire, amplify, and adapt.

If you could create your dream organization, what three or four words would you use to describe the spirit of its culture?

Mark Miller is a business leader, a communicator, and an international bestselling author. He currently serves as the Vice President of High Performance Leadership for Chick-fil-A, Inc. Mark began his writing career almost 25 years ago when he partnered with Ken Blanchard to write The Secret. Since then, he has published 11 titles. With more than one million books in print in twenty-five languages, Mark’s global impact continues to grow. His latest book, Culture Rules is available now.

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