Could Artificial Intelligence Launch Missiles – I Asked ChatGPT

I asked the following question to ChatGPT, “What is dangerous about the development of artificial intelligence?”

Even artificial intelligence thinks AI is dangerous.

Artificial Intelligence says the development of AI is dangerous. Image of a robot hand reaching out to a human hand.

5 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence according to ChatGPT:

  1. Unintended consequences: As AI becomes more advanced, it may become difficult to predict the unintended consequences of its actions. This could lead to AI making decisions that harm humans or the environment.
  2. Bias: AI systems can become biased if they are trained on biased data or programmed with biased algorithms. This can result in unfair or discriminatory decisions.
  3. Job displacement: The development of AI could result in significant job displacement, particularly in industries that rely heavily on manual labor or routine tasks.
  4. Security risks: As AI becomes more powerful, it may become easier for malicious actors to use it for nefarious purposes, such as cyberattacks or surveillance.
  5. Existential risks: Some experts warn that the development of AI could pose an existential risk to humanity if it becomes too powerful and autonomous, leading to a scenario in which AI decides to prioritize its own goals over those of humans.

Specific dangers of artificial intelligence:

I asked ChatGPT, “Could artificial intelligence learn how to shut down power grids, turn off networks, or blow-up missiles while they are in their silos?”

ChatGPT responds:

“It is theoretically possible for AI to learn how to shut down power grids, turn off networks, or potentially even launch or disarm missiles….

Additionally, most modern infrastructure and military systems are designed with security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. While it is possible that AI could potentially learn how to circumvent these security measures,…”

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How concerned are you about the development of AI?