Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama

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Farther, faster: Lack of clarity is a pernicious roadblock to progress. Image of a road closed.

Effective leaders use Four Leadership Motions to advance with ease and navigate complexity. Navy SEALs use them. Even the neighborhood watch uses them.

Motions are things leaders can DO in any situation to make progress faster, farther, with less chaos. They’re like duct tape: versatile, reliable, and tenacious in the face of resistance.                                                                   


Motion 1: Orient Honestly. 

Lack of clarity is a pernicious roadblock to progress.

Define the current situation fully and honestly – including the unpleasant bits leaders prefer to overlook. Leaders know how to set goals, but forget to name the complication in the current situation.

Orienting Honestly makes accelerating progress exponentially easier. 

Motion 2: Value Outcomes. 

When you value plans above outcomes, you can easily confuse effort with achievement.

On-time, on-budget completion of tasks and deliverables is less important than achieving the outcomes you want. Value Outcomes calls leaders to ensure outcomes (not just deliverables) are the top priority. 

Motion 3: Leverage the Brains. 

Great leaders know that they only see the world from their limited perspective.

They engage collaborators with varied experiences to solve problems and invent solutions. Great leaders work with people, not at people. 

Motion 4: Make Durable Decisions. 

This final motion reduces wasted time, effort, and patience in group decisions. You can’t know if there’s a “right decision.” Instead of seeking consensus on which choice is “best,” look for a choice that everyone can live with that makes strong progress toward the desired outcome.

What enables leaders to move farther, faster, with far less drama?

Janice and Jason Fraser are the authors of Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama, which was released today. The book outlines their groundbreaking new leadership model that focuses on The Four Leadership Motions and empowers greater alignment and quicker decision-making. Drawing on nearly three decades of coaching hundreds of leaders and teams to achieve success, Janice is a Senior Strategist and Advisor to large organizations in becoming more innovative and agile, and she also guides several venture-funded startup companies, federal government entities, and non-profit organizations, helping them do more with less, make bold moves, and achieve extraordinary results. Jason leads a team at VMware of more than 60 product managers and designers who work with the Department of Defense and other government clients to build mission-critical software.