Tap the Power of Short Series

Mini-series are fun. You’re done in 6 episodes. If you like long shows watch reruns of Guiding Light. It’s the longest running TV/radio series in the world (1937 – 2009) with 18,262 episodes.

A series takes you somewhere.

A small sequence of compromises makes the next compromise easier. A small chain of gratitude refreshes your attitude.

Tap the power of short series:

#1. You learn to do by doing.

You can’t wish your way out of fear of rejection. Learn to face rejection by facing rejection. Jia Jiang learned to face rejection in 100 days by seeking rejection. (Rejection Proof)

You overcome stage fright by getting on stage. There are no practice games for leaders. You learn to lead by leading.

Wouldn’t it be great if wishing led to learning?

Desire without action is frustration. You aspire to lead but find excuses to wait. You can’t learn to lead by sitting on the couch watching reruns of Guiding Light.

Leadership quote: Create the flywheel effect with a series of tiny wins. Image of a flywheel.

#2. Choose serial actions intentionally.

Thank goodness we can do things without thinking.

One of the best classes I took in high school was typing. I type without thinking about how to move my fingers. Useful habits develop from a series of connected actions.

Habits are a series of related actions that become second nature.

  1. Notice ‘natural’ responses. How are they helping you become your best self?
  2. Learn tough aspects of leadership by doing tough things in a series of small actions.

Habits are dangerous. Eating while watching TV on the couch is my favorite unhealthy habit. We tend to develop unnoticed habits for dealing with stress, anger, or risk.

Leadership quote: The way you get up is the way you show up. Image of a person blow-drying their hair.

#3. Notice your decisions.

Begin growth by noticing the impact of day-to-day decisions.

  1. How are your small decisions enhancing your contribution?
  2. What do you naturally avoid? How is it helpful or harmful?

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