12 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

Begin the day by choosing to make it a great day. Don’t expect others to make your day great.

Have a great day.

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12 ways to make today a great day:

1. Pause, breathe, and focus.

Before you rush to the next thing take a moment to think about what you’re doing. Determine why it matters.

2. Eat healthy snacks.

3. Turn off notifications.

Help yourself focus. Find a short window of time and eliminate distractions.

4. Keep a done-list.

Record the stuff you got done the last hour. If you don’t have enough time to keep a done-list, arrange tomorrow’s schedule so you can.

Alternative: Make a to-do list for the morning. Put a checkmark beside the items you complete.

5. Choose one thing.

Write down one thing you want to complete before the day is done (beyond day-to-day responsibilities).

6. Go home on time.

If you had a funeral to attend, you’d quit on time. The world won’t stop if you leave work on time. If you can’t leave work on time today, figure out how to leave work on time tomorrow.

7. Begin interactions with compliments.

Set a tone. Don’t save kind words till the end.

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8. Finish something in 30 minutes.

Set a timer and work like crazy to get something done in a short time. Let go of perfection. Just finish it.

9. Drink more water.

You know you should. Just do it today. Every time you let some water go, drink some more.

10. Plan something fun tonight.

Anticipation elevates happiness.

11. Put stuff away after using it.

Clutter is distracting. Put stuff in its place. Throw stuff in the trash.

12. Plan a mid-morning break.

Dedicate 10 minutes to something that rejuvenates you. Stretch. Phone a friend. Turn off the lights and breathe. Repeat in the afternoon.

How might you adapt the above great day list?

What suggestions do you have for making today a great day?

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