10 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Leader

Peak performance is built on rest. Exhaustion breeds discouragement and fear.

I hope you woke up this morning refreshed.

10 ways to start your day like a leader.

  1. Take two minutes this morning to breathe, pray, or be thankful before you get in the shower. (If you’re already clean, take two minutes right now. Set a timer and go for it.)
  2. Don’t check email or social media until you’re dressed.
  3. Write down one thing you will get done today. You have to respond to the needs of others but get your ONE THING done.
  4. Decide how you will show up. Don’t let circumstances control your attitude. You never wander your way into bringing your best self to work. Show up optimistic, courageous, or caring. 
  5. Write down the next step for every challenge or problem on your list. You don’t have to commit to do it, but your brain will relax if you record the next step for pressing issues.
  6. Plan one fun activity this weekend. Anticipation is part of enjoyment. How will you relax this weekend?
  7. Smile at the people around you.
  8. Touch your spouse. Tell her/him that they’re gorgeous and you love them.
  9. Take a different route to work.
  10. Believe in the people around you. Know their strengths. Don’t expect them to perform out of weakness.

How might leaders begin the day well?