20 Ways to Increase Personal Energy

Time and personal energy are the most important things you manage. Technically you can’t manage time: you can only manage the way you use it.

Personal energy is the most important thing you manage.

Personal energy is more important than skill, talent, or resources. Image of a lightbulb burning out.

20 ways to increase personal energy:

  1. Delegate authority to competent people and trust them.
  2. Stop complaining about things you can’t change.
  3. Participate in decisions.
  4. Choose your own goals.
  5. Make progress toward desired results.
  6. Enjoy the people you work with.
  7. Feel reasonably challenged.
  8. Receive recognition.
  9. Know your work matters to others.
  10. Establish priorities that enable you to say no.
  11. Receive useful feedback.
  12. Drink plenty of water.
  13. Don’t play favorites.
  14. Have a life outside work.
  15. Outlaw back-to-back meetings.
  16. Learn new skills.
  17. Hold yourself and others accountable.
  18. Turn off electronics from time to time.
  19. Quiet your heart several times a day.
  20. Take time off.

Which personal energy tip will you practice today?

What personal energy tips can you add to the list?

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