Your Lens Determines Vision

I have attributed the following statement to Annis Nin. “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” Quote Investigator’s article says its attribution is uncertain. The wisdom remains whoever said it first.

The way you see yourself is the way you see the world.

The lens:

  1. Weakness sees threats. Competence sees opportunities.
  2. Pessimism sees obstacles. Optimism sees possibilities.
  3. Insecurity sees judgment. Self-assurance sees acceptance.
  4. Doubt sees limitation. Self-belief sees potential.
  5. Negativity sees problems. Positivity sees solutions.
  6. Ignorance sees confusion. Knowledge sees clarity.
  7. Isolation sees loneliness. Connection sees companionship.
  8. Resentment sees offense. Forgiveness sees healing.
  9. Rigidity sees stagnation. Adaptability sees growth.
  10. Scarcity sees lack. Abundance sees plenty.
  11. Conformity sees can’t. Creativity sees can.
  12. Entitlement sees privilege. Gratitude sees blessings.
  13. Failure looks to the future with anxiety. Success looks to the future with confidence.
  14. Regret sees missed opportunities. Acceptance sees learning experiences.
  15. Complacency sees indifference. Initiative sees growth.


Different lenses – same situation.

I heard a story about two shoe salesmen who showed up in a town where people didn’t wear shoes. One phoned back and said, “It’s a dead market. No one wears shoes here.” The other phoned the office and said, “Ramp up production. Everyone here needs shoes and they have no shoe stores.”

Consider the consequences of the words above.

  1. Offense or healing.
  2. Solutions or problems.
  3. Obstacles or possibilities.
  4. Limitation or potential.

What does your way of seeing the world say about the way you see yourself?