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Community Update – 05/15/10

I’m in Colorado with my wife attending our son’s graduation from Colorado State University. Graduation signals an ending that includes beginnings. That’s life. That’s leadership. From my perspective, after inspiring shared vision the… Continue reading

Who are you?

In a word leadership is influence. What’s the best metaphor? Is leadership wind beneath a person’s wings or wind in the sails? Is leadership herding from behind or leading in front like shepherds… Continue reading

The dangerous answer-man

I like to give people answers. Knowledge is power so I wrongly think answers enhance my power and elevate my status. However, answers get in the way. For example, in a recent meeting… Continue reading

Getting the most from anger

Seven days ago the Leadership Freak community let loose on “Whining Wednesday” and left a record number of comments explaining things that tick leaders off. It was fun and educational. (It’s not too… Continue reading

The #1 Reason Conflict Resolution Doesn’t work

I searched through several pages of conflict resolution strategies on the Internet. They all included useful ideas but none of them included the first and essential step. They included things like: #1. Identify… Continue reading

The Power of Pain

Pain motivates change. Without it we remain stuck. Motivated by it we adapt. I’m not talking about transitory physical pain. I’m talking about struggling with meaning at work, career drift, and activity without… Continue reading