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7 Questions to Ease the Pain of Giving Negative Feedback

One negative feedback session – done well – has more positive impact than a hundred pats on the back. 7 questions to ease the pain of giving negative feedback: #1. Do you need… Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask During Tough Conversations

The tipping point between prolonged disappointment and renewed vitality is a difficult conversation. Many leadership frustrations are the result of conversations that didn’t happen. The choice to avoid difficult conversations often masquerades as kindness.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Aspirations Exceed Qualifications

Dear Dan, I have a team member who aspires to a lofty leadership position. However, the position requires skills and attributes the individual has failed to demonstrate. I want to keep him positively… Continue reading

How to Wipe Steam From the Mirror

All of us are blind in part. Some are blind to their strengths; others to their weaknesses. You grow when you see yourself more clearly. Feedback wipes the steam from the mirror. Giving feedback is saying… Continue reading

Buckets of Muck and Other Problems with Delay

Bring up poor performance when it happens or smile and let it go. Don’t keep filling buckets with muck to throw later. Delay isn’t compassion, when it comes to feedback. It may be cowardice.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Bored with Feedback Methods

Hi Dan, Greetings from Ireland. I hope this message finds you well. Can I begin with flattery…(genuine) by saying that your leadership narratives and comments are amazing and always ‘get me thinking’! Thank… Continue reading