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5 Ways Leaders Win With Skeptics

All leader face skeptics. It’s normal, in some cases healthy. Pessimists and doubters keep leaders on their toes. 5 ways to win with skeptics: #1. Overcome the shoe drop distraction. You’re skeptical of… Continue reading

3 Surprising Ways to Lead – Even if You Haven’t Led Before

You might be a great leader if you stopped shooting yourself in the foot. 5 self-defeating leadership behaviors: Asking too many questions about the past. Allowing narrow bands of competence to blind you… Continue reading

Four Ways to Accept Imperfection and Pursue Excellence At the Same Time

Leaders who can’t accept themselves are sure to look down on others. Perfectionism is self-rejection. Disapproval is the hammer of perfectionistic leaders. Arrogance, humility, pursuit, and perfectionism: Pursuit is energized with humility and… Continue reading

3 Traits Guaranteed to Amplify Your Influence Today

Disconnection invites skepticism – skepticism blocks influence. The tools of disconnected leadership are manipulation and coercion. Connection is the conduit of influence. The battle to connect is lost when people wonder what’s going… Continue reading

7 Ways to Advise the Boss and Advance Your Career

Wise bosses seek advice. Foolish bosses always know. 7 ways to advise the boss and advance your career: #1. Make the boss feel understood. Clarify the boss’s goals, intentions, and assumptions. Repeat your understanding of… Continue reading

7 Things Drift Taught Me About Commitment

I’m reflecting on a young man who doesn’t care much for making commitments. I’ll call him Drift. He’s easygoing, generous, kind, carefree, and transparent. I like him. Drift doesn’t demand much from life. He… Continue reading