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10 Strategies for Building Confidence in Others

Insecure people won’t try. Insecurity stagnates. There’s little success or progress apart from personal confidence. Confidence explodes outward, fear implodes. The problem of confidence: You cannot make others feel confident. Security and insecurity are… Continue reading

How Leaders Shoot Themselves in the Foot

***** Everyone engages in self-defeating behaviors. “Part of my job is helping people get out of their own way,” Joel Garfinkle author of Getting Ahead. Which of these self-defeating behaviors hold you back?… Continue reading

Were They Always Dead Wood

This morning I had a tweeter conversation with Tom Peters – prolific author and business thinker – who said, “Dan, my whole “psychological shtick”: “Act your way into feeling/thinking” rather than “Feel/think your way into… Continue reading

When the Problem Isn’t the Problem

Big problems are the result of neglecting small ones. “How often have we learned the harsh lesson that, like unharvested fruit, untended problems turn rotten?” Jim Moorhead, The Instant Survivor. Delay: Delay, not… Continue reading

It’s Harder for Women

“The path to the top is harder for women than men,” Ruth Malloy. Men can be men but women must be both. Hay Group has identified six leadership styles. I’ve circled stereotypical male styles… Continue reading

Excitable, Emotional, or Passionate

According to the input from my facebook page, being “unexcitable” isn’t the most admired leadership quality. John Bell suggests, when excitable equals passionate, we admire Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, and Howard Shultz. All… Continue reading