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Moving from Operations to HR Helped Microsoft’s Chief Security Officer’s Career Path

The term “best” is best understood in context. When I asked Mike Howard to talk about the best things he’s done, it was in the context of choices that best helped his career… Continue reading

Microsoft’s CSO on Decision Making

Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer at Microsoft, told me one of his best decisions was becoming a police officer.  I listened carefully for his explanation because Mike spent 23 dynamic years with the… Continue reading

Verizon’s former CEO – Most Important Advice

Image source This post is based on my conversation with Denny Strigl. Denny was instrumental in launching the first cellular network in the U.S. He eventually became the president and CEO of Verizon… Continue reading

Jim Quigley on Entitlement Thinking

This is the last installment of my fascinating interview with James Quigley, CEO of Deloitte, the largest professional services organization in the world. ********** The advice Jim Quigley, most frequently shares concerns hard work. He… Continue reading

9 Questions that Create Connections

She was reading at two, a University of California sophomore at 17, and speaks eight languages. Pam Fox Rollin didn’t sound arrogant but I wondered if in her younger days she was –… Continue reading

Relationship Before Opportunity

Skillful leaders are rare because the principles of leadership are frequently counter-intuitive. 4 counter-intuitive leadership principles: Talk to them about them. Gain power by empowering. Join their team before they join your team.… Continue reading