Tapping Untapped Resources

Extend and enrich your leadership journey by reaching out to local leaders and inviting them to coffee or lunch. Honor them by asking them questions. Share a challenge you’re facing and ask for their insights. Explore their values.

I’m in a hotel right now mulling over the interesting conversations I’ve had with high profile leaders.

Interviewing leaders changes me. Actually my interviews are more like conversations.

Last week, I sent a request to interview Magic Johnson. That’s a shot in the dark.

This morning, I sent an email to Seth Godin requesting an interview. Hey, I can ask!

Next week, I’m interviewing Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company.

Open minded:

Some suggest you should keep an open mind when you have conversations. I think otherwise.

I always enter conversations with high profile leaders filled with base-line expectations. They quickly explode my expectations and that makes the conversation interesting for me.

Four tips:

  1. Bring a notepad and pen. Honor them by jotting down some of the things they say.
  2. Ask follow-up questions on topics or statements that interest you.
  3. Don’t stop asking till you find an actionable item that could change you.
  4. Ask them what they like being asked?

A Favorite question:

One of my favorite questions is, “Would you tell me about a tipping point in your life/career?” A tipping point is the point when things radically changed for them.


I’m surprised and saddened by the low number of questions I hear around me. Are we so filled with wisdom that we can’t learn?

Humble yourself by reaching out to others and learning from them.

Have you had conversations that changed you?


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