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8 Ways to Choose Wide over Narrow

Typical business wisdom says, narrow your focus. Successful organizations do a few things very well. Less is more, but not always. 4 perils of narrow: Shuts down rather than turns on. Closes off… Continue reading

Stupid Leaders Overreact

Plug a VGA cable into the wrong port and presentations die.  Have you ever noticed that “VGA in” sits right beside “VGA out?” Small things are big when others depend on you. The… Continue reading

10 Marks of Learn-it-all Leaders

There’s little hope for know-it-all leaders. Too many leaders flap their tongues while their ears nap and their brains slumber. When was the last time you asked, “Tell me what you think?” Perhaps,… Continue reading

Making Sense of Sandy Hook

There is no making sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook or other past, present, and future tragedies. Reasons help but they don’t make sense of something. It helps to say the gunman… Continue reading

The Two Types of People in the World

There are two types of people in the world, dreamers and doers. Lazy dreamers are useless. Avoid them. The way to matter is doing what matters. Dreamless doers are anchors. Reject them. The… Continue reading

5 Steps From Lying to Responsibility

Everyone lies every day. “How are you feeling?” “Just fine,” you reply. Actually, you feel terrible but don’t want to talk about it. You lie. Leaders are tempted to lie when ________: Under-performers… Continue reading