Sour Faces Whining About Sour Faces


I’m sick of organizations that don’t measure what matters.

Production targets flash on computer screens. Today’s production target: 1,500 widgets. Current: 837 widgets. The message: people are tools.

Measurement reflects value.

Where is the morale meter? Morale doesn’t matter when you don’t measure morale building behaviors.

What isn’t measured doesn’t matter,
even if you say it does.

Organizations must measure widget production. No argument from me. But, where the heck are the:

  1. Smile meters.
  2. Compliment counters.
  3. Laugh tracks. (pun intended)
  4. Pat-on-the-back targets.

I’m tired of complaints about sad environments. Do something about it.

Place smile-counting buttons on every computer screen. Every time someone smiles at you, push the smile icon. Position a smile-tracking-board in the lobby for everyone to see. I’m not joking.

Go large and create columns on a public board to record: smiles, laughs, compliments, and pats on the back. Go crazy and count the number of jokes told in the office. Give extra credit for bad jokes.


“What if they don’t mean it, you ask?” Who gives a crap? Just do it. Sarcastic smiles are funny. A begrudging grin is better than no grin.

Smile even if you don’t mean it.
After a while you will.

I’m sick of hearing leaders with sour faces whining about sour faces.

I’ve been places where smiles appear briefly on full moon, when the brave crazies come out.

You’re so full of yourself that you don’t dare measure morale building behaviors because morale sucks so bad in your organization. If you don’t do something about it, learn to enjoy it.


Happiness matters. Measure it. What gets measure gets done. By the way, people aren’t tools!

How can leaders focus on happiness without losing sight of results?

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