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How Uncertainty Works

***** Uncertainty invites participation. Exploring ideas, finding solutions, and innovation demand vigorous participation from all players. The best teams win when players bring their best. Your attitude secretly signals participants to open up and… Continue reading

Feel Like Blowing Up? Here’s How!

I never met a leader worth their salt that wasn’t angry about something. Anger is easy to feel but hard to express, usefully. Occasionally, great leaders blow up. It’s recorded that Jesus flew… Continue reading

What the Heck is a “Ding in the Universe”

I never appreciated Steve Jobs’ quote, “I want to put a ding in the universe,” until I talked with Gary Hamel, Wall Street Journal’s #1 most influential business thinker. I asked Gary what… Continue reading

A Personal Note Regarding my Recovery

November 20, 2011 hangs in the misty past as one of life’s turning points. It’s the day I was life flighted to a regional trauma center after a severe car accident that nearly… Continue reading

Creating a Hoop Free Zone

Sluggish organizations require hoops before action. Dogs enjoy jumping through hoops, people don’t. Hoops represent frigid control. Passion is inversely proportional to the number of hoops required. Hoops are roadblocks masquerading as protection. Why it matters:… Continue reading

Turning Pickle Barrels into Wine Casks

Unrelenting pressure, backstabbing and undercutting, fatigue, feeling powerless and under appreciated spawn burnout. According to Maslach and Jackson the six factors of burnout are: Working too much. Unjust environments. Little support. Working where… Continue reading