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How to Navigate the Path to Authenticity

***** “Authenticity is your greatest asset. Lose your authenticity and you’ve lost everything,” Marcus Buckingham. For Buckingham authenticity is strength based leadership. But, are you sure who the authentic you is? I’m not.… Continue reading

The Disaster of Big Mouths and Small Ears

Leaders fail when their mouths are too big and their ears are too small. Listening is powerful because it informs talking. The only way leaders know what to say is to listen. Great leadership… Continue reading

My Boss is an Insecure Jerk – Do Over

If you believe some of the foolishness I wrote in “Help My Boss is an Insecure Jerk,” you’re limiting your career, promoting an insecure culture, and preventing organizational excellence. After my conversation with… Continue reading

How to Brag without being a Braggart

If the right people don’t know about your work your work doesn’t matter. It may be important. It may be valuable. But, you’ll never get ahead if those over you don’t know your… Continue reading

10 Strategies for Building Confidence in Others

Insecure people won’t try. Insecurity stagnates. There’s little success or progress apart from personal confidence. Confidence explodes outward, fear implodes. The problem of confidence: You cannot make others feel confident. Security and insecurity are… Continue reading

How Leaders Shoot Themselves in the Foot

***** Everyone engages in self-defeating behaviors. “Part of my job is helping people get out of their own way,” Joel Garfinkle author of Getting Ahead. Which of these self-defeating behaviors hold you back?… Continue reading