How to Make a Difference that Matters

A life that matters is not about desire; it’s about how.

Leaders who make a difference develop internally and explore externally. Neglect one and you won’t make a difference that matters.

Component one:

High impact begins internally with who you are. From this vantage point, making a difference that matters is all about you. It includes knowing your:

  1. Gifts.
  2. Talents.
  3. Skills.
  4. Aptitudes.
  5. Weaknesses.
  6. Passions.

Component two:

The other side of high impact leadership is external. It centers on challenges, needs, opportunities, and problems others face. From this vantage point, making a difference that matters is all about them.

Leaders that make a difference
that matters never live in a vacuum.

Leaders who make a difference that matters have:

  1. Compassionate hearts.
  2. Generous spirits. It means thinking about giving. Success is about how you serve and what you give.
  3. Practical minds that meet real needs. Compassion and generosity don’t work apart from practical solutions.
  4. Courage to act. Cowards never live lives that matter.
  5. Humility.


The formula for high impact leadership is bringing the internal you to an external challenge. Look within and then look without.

  1. Ask, “What’s not working?”
  2. Explore and embrace the value you bring.
  3. Listen for pain and pressure points.
  4. Set out to improve something.
  5. Stop blaming others for not doing something. When you blame others for not doing something you’re no different from the blamers you’re blaming.
  6. Think about things you can do rather than things you can’t.

Every problem you see is a leadership opportunity. The more pressing the need the more your leadership matters and the more value you bring.

If you want to matter more,
solve problems that matter most to others.

High impact leaders bring themselves (internal world) to challenges (external world).

  1. Trust your voice.
  2. Rely on your gifts.
  3. Build on your aptitudes.
  4. Follow your passions.

What holds people back from making a difference that matters?

What other qualities do high impact leaders have?