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How to Pop the Cork on Tough Conversations

If excellence was easy there’d be more of it. Excellence challenges average. The path to excellence is paved with tough conversations; not mean, tough. All great leaders achieve excellence by facing tough issues… Continue reading

When People Screw Up

The problem with people is imperfection. People make mistakes; sometimes big ones. Leaders and managers usually don’t like mistakes. Michael Hyatt gave me his version of fail fast, yesterday, “The faster we fail… Continue reading

8 Ways to Create Great Meetings

Poorly run meetings start in the wrong place and end up rushed before they’re done. Right place: Leave inconsequential items for the end. Deal with big items at the beginning. I’m tempted to… Continue reading

Secrets to Getting Great Advice

Honest, trustworthy, insightful advice comes hard. Some tell you what you want to hear others tell you what they need to say. How can you dig through a cacophony of voices and find… Continue reading

The Richest Possible Life

I went to a wedding yesterday. I sarcastically say, “I hate weddings.” In reality weddings are reunions. I know everyone in today’s image, except one. As they gathered for the shot, I started… Continue reading

Whose Opinion Matters

All leaders constantly hear opinions. It seems everyone knows what you should do. When I hear advice I’m always asking myself, “Why should I go with your opinion rather than mine? What makes… Continue reading