How to Fill Your Team with Courage

Courage is the willingness and resolve to act when outcomes are uncertain. Everyone needs courage because we live in turbulent, changing times.

Nothing good gets done without courage.

Powerful leaders encourage – fill with courage – so that others can press through their fears. Fear pulls back; courage pushes forward.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

Leaders who fill others with courage always go further than those who don’t. Any fool can make others afraid. It takes real leadership to fill others with courage.

Model courage by:

  1. Occasionally express concerns – frequently focus on opportunity, potential, and vision.
  2. Expressing confidence in the team’s talents, abilities, and performance.
  3. Standing with your team when it hits the fan.

Go beyond modeling courage to encouraging. Fill with courage by:

  1. Speaking calmly and clearly during tension and stress.
  2. Focusing on people before projects. Standing with not above encourages.
  3. Lifting up after a failure rather than beating down. Stand behind.
  4. Keeping the big picture front and center.

Developing your encouragement muscle by:

  1. Making their team your team. No one trusts you when you’re in it for yourself.
  2. Speaking to fears rather than symptoms. When others pull back – the symptom – look for root causes.
  3. Correcting less and coaching more.
  4. Stepping in when others pull back. Self-protective, cowardly leaders assign risks to others.

Bonus: Fill others with courage by having fun. Work-only-leaders don’t build up they drag down. Lift up by lightening up. Good humor powerfully expresses courage as long as it’s not perceived as being out of touch or hiding from the truth.

How can leaders fill others with courage?

What encourages you?


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