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Finding Vitality

Jim Collins, author of, “Good to Great,” wrote the foreword to Frances Hesselbein’s  autobiography, “My Life in Leadership: The Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way.” From the foreword of, “My Life in… Continue reading

Just out of reach

Many barely make it through the day. They’re dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, exhausted and frustrated. You may need something just out of reach for inspiration. Not another goal or problem… Continue reading

How was Jay Elliot changed by Steve Jobs?

A conversation with Jay Elliot, the former Sr. V.P. at Apple, must eventually swing to the enigmatic Steve Jobs. I didn’t ask about Steve. Jay just began talking. He spoke as if his… Continue reading

Great Leaders aren’t Emotional

Steve Jobs was 25 when Jay Elliot joined Apple. Back then, Steve used to say, “Don’t trust anyone over 30, except Jay.” That’s the kind of guy Jay Elliot is, he draws people… Continue reading

An Accidental User

Are you abusing high performers through neglect? People get buried or worse yet, burned by highly focused leaders. Passionate vision may transform you into a person that thinks of people as tools. You… Continue reading

What if you aren’t talented and smart?

If you aren’t talented: Build strategic relationships rather than working on your own. Solve the frustrations of others. Develop a reputation as a finisher. Follow your passion. “Passion trumps everything,” Gary V. Succeed… Continue reading