Just out of reach

Many barely make it through the day. They’re dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, exhausted and frustrated.

You may need something just out of reach for inspiration. Not another goal or problem to solve. Something that infuses the mundane with meaning.

Here’s an illustration of reaching toward meaning.

He said, “I want to become a better leader.” He wants to develop leadership-behaviors that enhance his positive influence within his own style and personality. However, the goal is still a bit nebulous and uninspiring.

Becoming a better leader is within reach. Progress is easily attainable. He’s living within his grasp. To me, it feels something like a project, one more straw on the camels tired back.

Something more?

I said, “What if your vision becomes helping others become better leaders?”

He’d never thought of his life in those terms.

Reaching for something just out of reach means you’re:

  1. Inspired by mission rather than achieving goals.
  2. Working toward something bigger than immediate need.
  3. Infused with higher purpose.

Some just-out-of-reach ideas:

  1. Stepping out rather than stepping in.
  2. Shifting from being asked to asking.
  3. I’m not resting. I’m finding joy.
  4. Enriching the whole person rather than solving isolated situations, struggles or problems.
  5. Acting rather than reacting.
  6. Enabling others to meet their own needs rather than meeting them yourself. “Let me show you how.”

How to:

You can reach for something just out of reach by looking through the things you do and asking why you do them.

Reconnect with your inner drive and find something just out of reach that fulfills you.


What blocks people from reaching for meaning?

How can people identify something “just out of reach” that infuses the mundane with meaning?

Do you have some “just out of reach” ideas?