From Low impact to High impact leadership

I’m surprised that some people have low or no desire for high influence, high impact leadership. It seems unnatural to me. However, I meet people that seem not to care. Here’s what I see in them.

5 Ways to be a low-impact or no impact leader.

  1. Believe humility means you shouldn’t try to matter.
  2. Let your loser friends, family, or colleagues beat you down and hold you back.
  3. Embrace comfort. Be lazy.
  4. Believe failure is final. Wait for perfection until you begin.
  5. Think you don’t matter.

Wrong beliefs, crushing environments and bad thinking drag you down. On the other hand, I think healthy, normal people long to matter.

The core of high-impact leadership.

You won’t matter until you first decide to matter.

Please understand I’m not focused on the intrinsic worth of human beings. As a person you have worth. However, innate human worth doesn’t guarantee high-impact leadership.

Love gives meaning and worth to everything you do. It’s central to high-impact living.

Great leaders courageously love themselves, others and the organizations they lead.

  1. Love seeks the highest good.
  2. Love courageously shifts from self-protection to vulnerability.
  3. Love helps others win first.
  4. Love courageously embraces and expresses your noblest self.

Helping others become high-impact leaders.

We learn to love by being loved.

The implications for leadership development are astonishing. Developing leaders begins with loving people.

You love people by seeking their highest good. From a business point of view, the highest good is defined by organizational values, mission, and vision.


Yes! As awkward as it may seem to some, I believe love is fundamental to finding personal fulfillment and adding value to others.


How might love connect with leadership and business?

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