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Crash! Smash! Bash! You’re Engine Hash

Image source I remember the day we found Shel Silversein’s children’s book, “Where the Side Walk Ends.” We were Christmas shopping in downtown Bangor, Maine. We laughed like children. Years later, we read… Continue reading

How to go Further Faster – Guaranteed

Image source Leaders are control freaks that struggle to let go. You go further faster when you pass the baton; sadly, you hinder your influence and effectiveness when you don’t. You’ll always be… Continue reading

15 Techniques that Create Upward Mobility

Image source It’s not unusual for emerging leaders to seek advice on how to ask for a promotion. It’s not enough to ask for a promotion. You must build a platform. 5 techniques… Continue reading

10 Power-Tips that Build Potential

You aren’t the future. The passion, potential, and skills of your team are the future of your organization. Vision cast until the cows come home but others make it happen. Organizations don’t rise… Continue reading

A CEO of Campbell’s Explains the Power of “AND”

Image source Leadership principles that work the best change us the most. Trouble is leadership is situational. That’s why many principles work in one context but not another. I ask Doug Conant, retired… Continue reading

Be a Leader in Two Seconds

The more you’re respected the less you need to say and the more power you have. You can earn respect while you’re speaking if you speak with compassion, integrity, and competence. People feel… Continue reading