10 Powerful Principles of Exponential Growth

You’ll never know who you might have been if you don’t grow.

Success is about personal growth not techniques, strategies, or methods.

two shoes


Growth feels awkward because it means not yet and not there.

“Not there” is falling short.

Growth is a dance between pressing forward and falling short, at the same time.


Growth stops when you choose comfort over discomfort. Growing leaders banging against and press through resistance.

Growth is stepping past what you did in the past.

Everyone reaches the point where pulling back feels better than pushing through. But, leaders who pull back have reached their potential. Leaders who press through resistance, uncover new opportunities for meaningful service.

Growing others:

Your greatest service is growing yourself into helping others grow.

Helping others grow is helping them press through reluctance, face resistance, and risk failure. Everything else is just dabbling.

10 Principles of exponential growth:

  1. First efforts always fall short. Those who can’t fail, don’t grow. Those who don’t fall short, didn’t reach far enough.
  2. Growth spurts make people feel awkward in their own skin. Think of adolescence who struggle with changing bodies.
  3. Help people reflect on their own journey. Enhancing someone’s self-awareness is a great gift.
  4. Pulling back is the point where growth stops and circle-running begins.
  5. Stagnation is the result of staying the same.
  6. Persistent irritation concerning the same issues signals stagnation.
  7. People instigate growth. Hang with people who expect more of you.
  8. Never underestimate the value of irritating people and negative circumstances.
  9. Hold hands and kick butt, at the same time. Environments of growth are supportive but not comfortable.
  10. Focus on people who aspire to grow. Only those committed to growth actually grow. Everyone else has an excuse.

What are you doing to grow?

How can leaders help others grow?