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The Secret to Powerful Leadership

It’s the morning after and it wasn’t what I heard but what I saw that matters most. I’m home from the two-day Elite Leadership Program in New York City. The drive home gave… Continue reading

Jim Collins on Paranoid Leaders

Bad things will happen. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Even optimists knows it’s true. Hi performing leaders, according to Jim Collins are “paranoid performers.” They’re always asking,… Continue reading

A CEO of Southwest Airlines on Goals

We forget the expected and remember the unusual. I’ve been remembering something unusual that was said to me about ten months ago. Jim Parker, former CEO of Southwest Airlines told me, “Don’t set… Continue reading

The Top Ten Lies Leaders Believe

The truth is we tell ourselves lies. Lies seem to make life better, they make us feel more useful and in control. I can always tell when I touch the lies people believe… Continue reading

How to Create Dynamic Work Environments

Performing the same job year after year is a recipe for boredom, coasting, and low productivity. Entrenched, stagnant employees protect their turf, resist change, and create roadblocks. In addition, they build power bases… Continue reading

10 Tips for Doing the Manic Monday Shift

Image source Monday mornings are a hodgepodge of enthusiasm, anxiety, or dread. Like a race horse, you feel that starting-gate feeling. This Monday, make their duties and agenda your Monday morning passion. The… Continue reading