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The Four Greatest Causes of Leadership-Stress

Stress keeps people up at night and makes them irritable during the day. Stress makes people tired, sad, and disinterested.  Stress results in poor eating habits. Stress kills. Not all stress, however, is… Continue reading

Seven ways to refill your emotional tank

Running on empty damages you, your organization, and those around you. Eventually you’ll do and say things you’ll regret. Leaders feel the ebb and flow of emotion. Monthly cycles, duties you hate, unexpected… Continue reading

Too busy to matter

I’m learning it takes more courage to stop than to start. Anyone can start something new. It takes real leaders to stop something old. Think of your life as a five-gallon bucket. You… Continue reading

5 Cures for Leadership-loneliness

Leaders feel lonely. Relationship boundaries stretch and occasionally break. In addition, change, innovation, or new initiatives may cause loyalties to evaporate. If you’ve never experienced the loneliness of leadership, I wonder if you’ve… Continue reading

Stress: Finding Cures in Causes

Spotting and understand stress-factors begins your journey to less stress. Stress is an unavoidable, natural response to demands, threats, overloads, new situations, deadlines, or other pressures. Don’t be stressed that you feel stressed.… Continue reading

The Problem with Problems

The pressures and problems you face mistakenly give you permission to have priority over others. Pressures don’t change the principle that leaders serve others. Pressures and problems don’t justify me-first leadership. Warning: Pessimism… Continue reading