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Go Large: Think People Before Resources

Discouragement is easy. Igniting fires takes wisdom and work. Success always begins with who before what. Kindling great fires: Small before large. Stop waiting for explosive fires. Start small ones now! Explosive opportunities… Continue reading

Only Fools Never Change

I worked for a boss who greedily grabbed the good projects and gave garbage jobs to others. She was a real go-getter who came in early and stayed late. I learned she was:… Continue reading

How Hard Work got Chris Fired

Image source Heads down hard work lands you out the door, eventually. Hard work is essential, but not enough, to keep earning promotions. Fired not promoted: The board fired the CEO of Callidus… Continue reading

Choosing Heat

Image source Life grows cold when you feel alone. Find someone who keeps you warm. Relationships make or break us. Everyone grows, develops, and succeeds in the context of relationship. Why alone: Feeling… Continue reading

Quickly and Simply Transform All Meetings

Image source If you could only get back the time you gave to boring, ineffective, useless meetings! Meetings give the impression something’s getting done when usually it isn’t. There’s too much talking in… Continue reading

How to Generate Enthusiasm with Assessments

Those who don’t enjoy measuring results, don’t enjoy achievement. Unmeasured results don’t matter. Hitting baseballs reminded me that effective assessments increase enthusiasm, concentration, and satisfaction. The visit: Dahliah, Asher, and Abram, three of… Continue reading