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Success is Harder than Failure

This post began as an email. It’s my response to a person who shared their mixed feelings regarding unexpected success and opportunity. *** I’ve been thinking about our conversation regarding the problem of… Continue reading

Why, “Do More with Less,” is Stupid

“Do more with less,” demotivates employees. It’s code for work harder. If they’re already working hard, they think, “The more I give the more they want. I’m giving less.” “Do more with less,”… Continue reading

How to Seize Your Greatest Opportunities

Opportunity is ugly. Opportunity is a door that feels like a wall, an open window that feels shut, or a ceiling that feels too low. Mud disguises, pain exposes, and fear illuminates opportunity.… Continue reading

Creating Glorious Space for Reinvention

Baggage barricades your future.  Leadership baggage includes past: Disappointment with others. Unresolved conflict. Broken relationships. Personal failure. Failed plans. Financial frustrations and business setbacks. Releasing baggage is like cutting sandbags from balloons. In,… Continue reading

One Choice that Informs All Others

Unable to choose is unable to move. Choices enable movement. Unable to choose is another way of saying stuck. Successful leaders make decisions. Everyone who’s stuck lives with choices waiting to be made.… Continue reading

Great Leaders are Great Because They …

Great leadership is more about others and less about you. Stop focusing on yourself. Great leaders are great because they: Have emotional intelligence. Reveal greatness in others. Know where they’re going and why.… Continue reading