7 Secrets to Getting Results Through Others

Brag about what you’ve helped others do, not what you’ve done.

Managers who maximize talent, produce results through others. Talent that doesn’t produce remarkable results, reflects poor management.

expect others to be like themselves

You’re in the way, if you can’t get results through others.

7 secrets to getting results through others:

  1. Focus on what others can do. Your first thought is what you can do. Successful managers shift their thinking to what others can do. The less you do, the more they get done. This isn’t about being lazy or negligent. Leverage their talent by getting out of the way.
  2. Build relationships with high-potential individuals. Relationship building is trust building. Trust begins with what you do for others, not what they do for you. Respect their values and skills. Expect people to be like themselves, not like you.
  3. Describe results. If you want results, you must describe them before they’re achieved.
  4. Take action when you don’t get results. Mediocrity is the result of tolerance. If you’re having the same performance conversation over and over, you are the problem.
  5. Develop the middle. People are great at one or two things, average at many, and lousy at a few. The middle – average areas of skill – are the best opportunities for development. Develop people who deliver results by elevating their middle. Work to make their good skills great. (Thanks to Milo and Thuy Sindel, “Hidden Strengths,” for this idea.)
  6. Talk more about good performance than bad. What are you doing well? What behaviors produce desired results? Talking about what went wrong doesn’t produce results. You can’t deliver positive results by “not doing” things.
  7. Have after-action meetings. The military calls them AAR’s, after action reports.
    • What worked?
    • What didn’t work?
    • What will you do differently next time?

Bonus: Give support, but don’t coddle.

What prevents managers from getting results through others?

What’s one of your get-results-through-others tips?