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How to Avoid Failing Successfully

If busy equals success, you’ve arrived. But, the busier you are the easier it is to forget what matters. Hectic leaders are distracted leaders. Leaders without focus succeed at what doesn’t matter. Busy leaders get… Continue reading

Weird Leadership

People who change things become fanatics first. I became obsessed with developing leadership a few years ago. Many friends thought I was weird. Some friends don’t hang with me anymore. I’m more committed… Continue reading

Evil Easter Bunny

The grandchildren visited last weekend. It was Easter. We bought chocolate eggs, bunnies, carrots, and even six pounds of gummy bears. (We have gummy bears for their next visit!) What’s Easter without an… Continue reading

Stop Browbeating – Enhance Capacity

I browbeat people when I “know” the path forward. I tell them what I want, before thinking about what they need to hear. Additionally, I pressure people when I’ve made up my mind.… Continue reading

How to Become a Future-Maker

Make the future or it makes you. Stop reacting; start creating. Urgency dominates where plans lack. Yesterday’s future arrived today. Successful leaders plan. Planners make the future. Planners live like tomorrow is today.… Continue reading

Success is Harder than Failure

This post began as an email. It’s my response to a person who shared their mixed feelings regarding unexpected success and opportunity. *** I’ve been thinking about our conversation regarding the problem of… Continue reading