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5 Structures that Shaped Zappos’ Culture

Lack of focus wastes energy, squanders resources, and defeats hope. Focus, on the other hand, eliminates the superfluous in order to grasp the essential. Success requires focus. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, describes… Continue reading

The Top 10 Performance Factors for Teams

Image source by Vojko Kalan Memo to the new team, 2/23/13: Raise your hand if you love wasting time on: Meaningless drivel. Frustrating stagnation. Superficial relationships. Worthless discussions. Trivial decisions. Mediocre results. Mundane… Continue reading

10 Steps on the Winner’s Journey

Image source by Peter Griffin #1.  Describe wins simply; one word if possible. #2.  Move from simplicity to clarity. Explain what you don’t want. Tap your frustrations for guidance. Everyone knows what they… Continue reading

10 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success

I hate failing. Failure feels like wasted life. Yes, I know I’m supposed to embrace failure and learn. But, given the choice, I’d succeed more! I haven’t failed for lack of good intentions.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Healthy People-Pleaser

Only people-pleasers succeed. The more people you please the more success you enjoy. The list of people who need pleasing includes: Clients. Superiors. Boards. Employees. Colleagues. Vendors. “Just please yourself,” may be an… Continue reading


Life goes where you look. Drift is inevitable. Course correction is normal. Cars and motorcycles drift where drivers look. Skiers and runners go where their eyes go. Individuals and organizations drift toward short-term… Continue reading