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The Problem of Potential Problems

Alarmists are irritating. They push the panic button at the first hint of smoke. They see what might go wrong and yell fire. While you’re dealing with “real” issues, they’re dealing with things… Continue reading

In Over Your Head

Leadership’s pivotal moment arrives the moment you admit you’re in over your head. Until then, you’re predictable and mundane. The weight of leadership hasn’t buckled your knees. Competence holds you up. Bain of… Continue reading

The Future is Cancelled – Getting it Back

The present you enjoy now was built yesterday. You’re building the future right now. “Future is now. If you want to become a leader in 2020, then it is not what you do… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Succeed Again

Failure is hard, but maintaining success is harder. Things get clear when the house is on fire. Obstacles pull strong teams together. Crisis creates focus and urgency. There’s nowhere to go but up.… Continue reading

Why Fitting In Doesn’t Work

Leaders choose to emphasize people or organization. The former celebrate individuality, the later accentuate fitting in. One fits the people to the program; the other fits the program to the people. Both are… Continue reading

Failure of The Pudding Palace

The Pudding Palace never made a ripple on the business scene. Poof! It appeared. Poof! It vanished. But, there it was, for a glorious moment in time, a store dedicated to pudding! Paper… Continue reading